Just Essentials E-book

Before starting to make any soft furnishings for your home there are a number of aspects which are well worth while considering to avoid future disappointment with the end product.

It is essential to plan a colour scheme. Colours can brighten a dark room, make a cold room appear warmer or add an illusion of space in a small room. Take into consideration what the room is going to be used for.

Patterns and textures of the furniture and soft furnishing must complement each other to balance the overall effect of the room.

The shape, position, size and number of windows in a room must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to have curtains or blinds.

E-book at a Glance

  • 63 pages.
  • 90 Colour Diagrams/Illustrations/Photographs.
  • Colour and Design Section:
    Planning a colour scheme.
    Colour tricks.
    Look at nature.
    Light and colour.
    Colour psychology.
  • Window Treatment Fundamentals Section:
    Basic window treatment desighns.
    Window shapes.
  • Fabric Guide Section:
    Natural fibres.
    Cotton fabrics.
    Woollen fabrics.
    Man made fabrics.
    Silk and sheer fabrics.
    Lining fabrics.
  • Curtain Headings Section:
    Fullness ratio.
    Machine headings.
    Hand sewn headings.
    Heading styles.
  • Fixtures and Fittings Section:
  • Comprehensive Measuring Up Section:
  • Hanging and Finishing Section:
  • Soft Furnishing Aftercare Section:
  • Hints and Tips Section:
  • Soft Furnishing Glossary Section:



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Just Essentials E-book

Just Essentials e-book will help guide you in colour, design, fabric choice, glossary, hints and tips. Infact a helpful guide to all aspects of pl...

was £1.99
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